Bee Buffet Shadow Corner - ORG

  • AM99026-V1

A bee friendly mix of organic flower bulbs appropriate for cooler semi-shade corners in your garden.

Scilla siberica (10)
Narcissus Jetfire (10)
Ornithogalum balansae (10)
Puschkinia libanotica (10)

1 pack with 40 organic bulbs

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We've created this beautiful mix in collaboration with ecological gardening society Velt vzw. These varieties are recommended by our gardening experts.

Bring colour to your cooler, shaded corners in your garden from March into April with these lower growing bulbs. They thrive in well drained rich soil in front of a bed (1-2 m²), in lawns, meadows or as a bulb lasagna in a large container or in separate smaller pots with a minimum depth of 30cm.

Natural Bulbs

Data sheet

Flowering period
Mid Spring
Delivery period
Preferred location
Shade or partial sun