• Candy meadow Bee Banquet - ORG
Candy meadow Bee Banquet - ORG

Candy meadow Bee Banquet - ORG

  • AM99037-V2

Bulb Mix suited for: taller grass (mid Spring)

Cheerful colour palette, ideal as a successor of 'Queen Appetizers' in order to prolong the flowering from March. At the stage we see appearing: snow glory (mix of blues and pinks stock allowing), blue grape hyacinths, white daffodil and yellow allium. Grown organically.

39 bulbs p. m2

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Application: flower meadows with taller grass and in an open orchard or park

Light: sun to light shade

Soil: sand/lime/clay, well draining, moderately moist

Height: 10-30cm

Flowering: mid spring (March-May)

Mowing: mid July (6 weeks after the last flowering, following the flowering meadow)


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Suitable for
Bee Friendly
Mixed Colours
Flowering period
2. Early Spring (Mar)
Flowering period
3. Mid Spring (April)
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Flower Bulb
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