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Make your life easy and order these wonderful collections instead of shopping for individual items. These organic flower bulbs have been joyfully selected to cheer up your spring garden. Shipping during autumn planting season.

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Bee Buffet for Containers - ORG

Plant this happy bulb mix in containers and enjoy on your patio or balcony. We've co-created this mix together with the ecological gardening experts of Velt vzw (an association...

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Bee Buffet Picnick under the Trees - ORG

These lovely flowers will attract bees and repeat annually. Plant them under a tree? Grown organically. Chionodoxa forbesii ‘Blue Giant’ (20) Narcissus triandus...

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Bee Buffet Pond Companions - ORG

This Bee Buffet is an excellent pond companion, with these organically grown bulbs: Camassia leichtlinii ‘Caerulea’ (5) Leucojum aestivum (15) Fritillaria uva-vulpis (20)...

Price £29.36

Bee Buffet Royal Appetizer - ORG

Bees will love this joyful mix of early spring flowering organic flower bulbs. They will return like perennials. Crocus tommasinianus ‘Ruby Giant’ (25) Crocus vernus...

Price £35.78

Bee Buffet Shadow Corner - ORG

This Buffet for bees contains 40 spring flowering bulbs from certified organic culture. Bee friendly. Muscari armeniacum (10) Narcissus ‘Tete-a-Tete’ (10) Ornithogalum...

Price £16.06

Bee Buffet Sunbath - ORG

Bees enjoy the sun and this mix of organic bulbs will bring the sun to your garden. They are great for naturalising. Muscari armeniacum (26) Tulipa batalinii Bronze Charm...

Price £22.94

Beebag organic flowerbulbs - ORG

An excellent way to attract bees to your garden and add colour to an early spring garden. Grown 100% certified organically, they are ideal to attract bees in a responsible way....

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Blue Delft Garden 40 p - ORG

Beautiful hand picked selection of cool colours. Packed in an attractive paper gift bag. These cool colours (white, blue, purple) flower from early until late spring. The...

Price £13.72

Candy meadow Bee Banquet - ORG

Bulb Mix suited for: taller grass (mid Spring) Cheerful colour palette, ideal as a successor of 'Queen Appetizers' in order to prolong the flowering from March. At the...

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Collection Keukenhof Mix - ORG

Previously shown in the Keukenhof show gardens and now available for your garden! Grown 100% organically. Attract bees to your yard. 100 bulbs per pack (see description)...

Price £26.61
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Collection Lasagne cool colours - ORG

Let us help you get quick results with this kit for 3-4 months of natural blooms! Plant in layers, follow the simple instructions included in your package and use your...

Price £16.47

Collection tall tulips - ORG

This collection consists of 6 gorgeous varieties of taller growing Tulip bulbs. They complement eachother in their delicate colouration. Grown 100% organic. Each...

Price £27.06

Czaar Peter Mix - ORG

In collaboration with our friends in the Amsterdam Czaar Peter Street we've created a new selection of naturalising bulbs from organic culture. They commence flowering early...

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Dwarf Tulips for Naturalising - ORG

Happiness guaranteed. Year after year they return and attract bees and your attention! Grown organic. 20 bulbs per pack (or select a value pack) Reserve the new harvest...

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Hot Caramel Bee Banquet - ORG

Bulb Mix suited for: sunny and stony location (late Spring) Three varieties of ornamental onion (white, pink and purple allium) feed bees and other pollinators with an...

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Milkshakespeare Bee Banquet- ORG

Bulb Mix suited for: under trees (mid Spring) The tall, deliciously fragrant poet's daffodil enjoys company from the elegant white 'Thalia' and the cheerful yellow...

Price £16.51
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Mix for naturalising - ORG

These flowers return every year, called naturalising. Plant them in a random spread to create an natural appearance. Leave undisturbed. Grown organically. 25 bulbs per...

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Muscari Mix blue-white - ORG

Value Pack - a charming mixture of Muscari Grape Hyacinths from organic culture. Great for naturalising, return every year. Grown organically. 50 bulbs per bag (or select...

Price £18.30

Queen Appetizers Bee banquet - ORG

Bulb Mix suited for: lawn (early spring) Bring new energy to the very first bumblebee queens after their winter rest with these very early flowering crocus. Ranging from...

Price £19.72
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Spring Star Mix - ORG

Delicate mix of spring star flower (Ipheion uniflorum) and bi-coloured blue grape hyacinth (Muscari latifolium) from organic culture. Great for naturalising, return every year....

Price £18.30

Starry Sky Bee Banquet - ORG

Bulb Mix suited for: under trees (early Spring) Brighten up your spring in semi shaded corners with these early to mid spring fresh blue and white glories of the snow....

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Streetbar Bee Banquet - ORG

Bulb mix suited for: sunny and stony location (mid Spring) Botanical tulips and blue grape hyacinths bring colour and scent to fifty shades of grey street pavement. Their...

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Sweet Dream Mix - ORG

Dream on... Yes this is possible with these organic flower bulbs in ever so sweet colours. Content of this mixture:   5 Narcissus Replete BIO 15 Ipheion uniflorum BIO 10...

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Tulipa Mix - ORG

A colourful mixture of tulips from certified organic culture. Provide a long display in your yard thanks to the mid to late spring flowering varieties. 15 ea. per bag (or...

Price £8.21

Tulipa Mix VELT - ORG

In collaboration with ecological garden society VELT we bring a tasty mixture of tulips from certified organic culture. Plant them in your vegetable garden and use the petals...

Price £8.21