Plant natural flower bulbs to promote life for bumblebees and bees. Very early spring, there is nothing but flower bulbs to feed them.


Selection for Bees

This selection of flower bulbs is based on 2 ground rules: they are grown organic and they open up wide for Bees.

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Anemone blanda blue - ORG

Lovely blue shades flower early spring. Excellent ground cover, plant between other plants and bulbs. Grown oganically. per bag 10 bulbs (or select a value pack)...

Price £4.99

Camassia leichtlinii...

Aka Indian Lily since native northern americans are said to have used them as food. They are fun in your late spring garden on tall 60 cm stems producing a multitude of...

Price £4.99

Chionodoxa Blue Giant - ORG

Glory of the Snow (Chionodoxa forbesii Blue Giant) flowers very early spring in forests and are great for naturalising. Hence they can frequently be spotted in older estates....

Price £4.99

Hyacinthoïdes hisp. Blue - ORG

For a natural garden, plant hands full of these beautiful spanish bluebells. They naturalize wonderfully for you to enjoy over the years. Throw in the air and plant as they...

Price £4.99

Hyacinthus Blue Star - ORG

Many blue florets form around short stems to be adored from any angle. They flourish in the middle of spring and we help you to plant in time by shipping them to you in the...

Price £5.99

Muscari armeniacum - ORG

A beautiful blue colour, not to be found under tulips. It sweets down to the ground exactly, between tulips and daffodils. Muscari armeniacum is the official name (L) In...

Price £3.99

Muscari Lady Blue - ORG

Muscari Lady Blue is a cheerful mid-spring flower in shades of blue. Attracts bees in a responsible way thanks to the organic culture. 10 bulbs per pack (or select the...

Price £4.99

Muscari latifolium - ORG

A beautiful double blue colour, not to be found under tulips. It sweets down to the ground exactly, between tulips and daffodils. Resembles the blue grape hyacint (armeniacum)...

Price £4.99

Scilla Siberica - ORG

Grows early spring in meadows or yards. Great for naturalizing. mediterranean-violet-blue with a distinct dark vein. Enjoy these harbingers of spring and say hello to the first...

Price £4.99

Triteleia Corrina - ORG

This cutflower grows on tall stems late spring and therefore attracts butterflies. Each stem supports up to 12 small florets which start out as a tube and then open up as the...

Price £4.50