A SUSTAINABLE GIFT. Do it naturally! When you give the gift of ecological flower bulbs, your friend will repeatedly enjoy your thoughtful choice annually early spring. Add you personal message and we will deliver it on time.

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Ball Dahlia Mix - BIO

Enjoy up to 100 days of purple, pink and white flowers with this lovely ball dahlia mix. Grown organically and therefore an excellent contribution to a safe environment for...

Price £13.72

Bee Buffet Chamonix - BIO

This Buffet for bees contains 145 summer flowering bulbs and rhizomes from certified organic culture. Bee friendly perennials return annually. 50 p. Liatris spicata...

Price £72.48

Bee Buffet Jamaica - BIO

Bees and Butterflies will thank you for this buffet. The 'Jamaica' collection contains 4 great varieties and 40 bulbs or rhizomes of summer flowering plants grown 100%...

Price £69.72


Share the gift of nature with a certificate. Your friends will be able to select their favourite varieties! We will mail you the certificate, unless you request postage.

Price £9.17

Potted blue grape hyacinths...

This  Muscari armeniacum from organic culture is about to jump start from its' container. Enjoy spring with these blue charmers that also are good for pollinators. The...

Price £4.58

Tulipa Mix Prince - ORG

Attractive mix of semi tall white, purple, lavender and pink tulips blooming mid spring. An appealing combination for flower beds and edges, also in pots for balcony and...

Price £8.21