Summer flowering bulbs are shipped from mid march to end of may. Plant them soon and enjoy all summer and/or autumn. Order now to secure your favourite varieties.

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Agapanthus Donau - BIO

Imperial light blue flower heads, with dark blue centre lines. Grows in summer on tall stems with a multitude of florets attracting bees and bumblebees. We deliver this plant...

Price £4.27

Dahlia Bilbao - ORG

Produces very large dinner plate sized flowers. Yellow with white tips form a delightful summer and autumn celebration. Grown certified organically. 1 tuber per pack or...

Price £4.27

Dahlia Menorca - BIO

Height: 60cm. Flower: 10-15cm. Ruby red. From organic culture. Lower growing variety suitable for borders. Use 1 to 5 tubers per m2. 1 tuber per pack or select the value...

Price £4.27

Dahlia My Love - BIO

Height: 100cm. Flower: 10-15cm. White. Grown organic. Use 1 to 5 tubers per m2. 1 tuber per pack or select the value pack Order now for delivery from mid-march 2020....

Price £4.27